Meaning of geodata in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒiːə(ʊ)deɪtə/


mass noun
  • Computerized geographical data.

    ‘I used assisted GPS, which triangulates using geodata from mobile phone masts’
    • ‘At the same time, geodata is gaining recognition by providing the basis for meaningful analysis in the industry.’
    • ‘For this reason, the City of Vienna began moving its existing geodata into a database that manages a three-dimensional city model.’
    • ‘On the server, we will be publishing geodata produced by the students of the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb.’
    • ‘How can you improve geodata beyond simply creating free versions of what already exists?’
    • ‘As we discussed in this week's lead feature on geodata and Jack pointed out previously, open source information really lets you do some amazing things with mapping information.’
    • ‘The reports, with embedded geodata, are passed on.’
    • ‘It is all about using and refining existing geodata.’
    • ‘For that you need the geodata (longitude and latitude) and a capable device.’
    • ‘Every user can contribute to placing geodata online.’
    • ‘Using this system, geodata is topologically processed and the result saved in a three-dimensional database so that modeled objects can be continuously updated.’
    • ‘In this context geodata is no longer seen as simply data but as a product that must be brought to market.’
    • ‘Armed with cheap satellite-tracking handsets, teams of civilian surveyors are out in the field recording casual journeys and sharing geodata with each other to produce their own maps.’
    • ‘Also of great importance is the integration of different geodata (topographic charts, cadastral maps, imagery, etc.) and different data formats (raster/vector).’
    • ‘There are some fairly serious chunks that aren't particularly reliant on geodata, so that you could take them and apply them to other types of wiki.’
    • ‘I believe the most important critical uncertainty today is whether information associated with places will be a closed system where only those who buy a certain brand of proprietary software or only those who own the local franchise will have the right to write geodata to the readers almost everybody uses.’
    • ‘"It would be great to see geodata becoming cheaper and easier to licence because of this, but I'm afraid the move looks like central government cost-cutting."’
    • ‘One of the things I'm thinking about in light of his presentation and my own experience is how to make gathering data - geo-data and other data - easier for journalists.’