Meaning of geologist in English:


Pronunciation /dʒɪˈɒlədʒɪst/

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  • An expert in or student of geology.

    ‘geologists have discovered sediments which contain fossilized single-celled organisms’
    • ‘Geologists say the fields off the island contain 480 billion cubic meters of gas.’
    • ‘He is the geologist who has most eloquently laid out the argument for higher oil prices.’
    • ‘Those were the words of pioneering geologist John Wesley Powell, who led the first expedition through the Grand Canyon in 1873.’
    • ‘There is a growing belief among the geologists who study world oil supply that world oil production is soon headed into an irreversible decline.’
    • ‘The society's electronic library regularly publishes technical papers by field geologists.’
    • ‘Darwin corresponded with numerous biologists, breeders, and geologists in the course of gathering his material.’
    • ‘Depletion dynamics are, as the geologist Hubbert predicted decades ago, alive and well.’
    • ‘More than 1,400 scientists, engineers, and geologists from 50 countries downloaded the company's data and started their virtual exploration.’
    • ‘The core was recently extracted from beneath the floor of the crater so that geologists could examine the stratigraphic evidence.’
    • ‘Zircon is rarely present in large quantities in any one rock, making it what geologists call an accessory mineral.’