Meaning of geopolitical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʒiːə(ʊ)pəˈlɪtɪkl/

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  • Relating to politics, especially international relations, as influenced by geographical factors.

    ‘A variety of economic and geopolitical factors are causing a noticeable convergence of French and German positions.’
    • ‘Involved in the rail deal are important geopolitical relations.’
    • ‘All of this unfolds within the context of a worldwide struggle by the great powers for economic influence and geopolitical power.’
    • ‘The Franco-German relationship was challenged by geopolitical change in Europe following the collapse of communism.’
    • ‘The basic factors that shaped our geopolitical environment during the Cold War era have changed.’
    • ‘Thatcher set out to redraw the domestic political map as the geopolitical map of Europe was being transformed.’
    • ‘It emerged from the Cold War the only superpower, and no geopolitical or ideological contenders are in sight.’
    • ‘It has maintained diplomatic and geopolitical influence in those countries via arms sales and economic aid.’
    • ‘Kissinger had in mind the geopolitical balance of power and the new centrality of international economics that complicated diplomacy.’
    • ‘The other factors were geopolitical issues such as the threat of terrorism and global economic uncertainties.’
    • ‘Corporations will raise the importance of geopolitical factors when they invest around the world.’
    • ‘Back in October 1978 they weren't predicting the eventual geopolitical influence of John Paul II.’
    • ‘To place Wiesenthal's work in context, it is necessary to examine these geopolitical shifts in policy in the postwar period.’
    • ‘In three of the six largest oil-producing countries oil supplies are at risk due to geopolitical factors.’
    • ‘Indeed, it may be the charts that are beginning to factor in a negative geopolitical scenario.’
    • ‘The geopolitical uncertainties impacting the international oil economy do not show any signs of waning.’
    • ‘Each country within Europe is now compelled to reexamine its place in the new world order and make a fresh evaluation of its geopolitical options.’
    • ‘The space shuttle also continued to serve a geopolitical function within the context of the Cold War.’
    • ‘What does this show us about the character of the current administration, its geopolitical thinking, and its long-term aims?’
    • ‘If it is an international group, does it regularly criticize abuses by governments of all political persuasions and geopolitical alignments?’