Meaning of get a grip in English:

get a grip


  • usually in imperative Keep or recover one's self-control.

    • ‘get a grip, guys!’
    • ‘Before you talk about ghost towns, you guys need to get a grip.’
    • ‘Then I thought, this guy is a heavyweight cultural icon, better get a grip and make an effort to take it seriously.’
    • ‘But he got a grip in time for the post-match photos.’
    • ‘I felt like I'd just cheated on a faithful lover of 20 years before I internally slapped myself and got a grip.’
    • ‘In the third year, I got a grip and worked really hard, but then the Easter holiday before my finals, my granddad got sick and I wasn't allowed to see him in hospital.’
    • ‘I started smoking again during this period as it was a way of escaping from the noise for five minutes and getting a grip until I went back inside.’
    • ‘I better get a grip before I tread a regrettable step.’
    • ‘My advice to Hollywood is to get a grip and move on.’
    • ‘And face it, get a grip, you can never go back home again.’
    • ‘And I know that some people are having a far worse time of things at the moment, so I really need to get a grip and put things in perspective.’
    compose oneself, recover one's composure, regain one's composure, control oneself, recover one's self-control, regain one's self-control, pull oneself together, keep one's head, simmer down, cool down, cool off, take it easy