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get away with

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phrasal verb

  • get away with somethingEscape blame, punishment, or undesirable consequences for an act that is wrong.

    ‘if he thinks he can get away with cheating me, he's very much mistaken’
    • ‘It should not be thought that by getting away with such conduct punishment will not follow.’
    • ‘The effect on her character development if she gets away with blaming him will actually be much worse.’
    • ‘He got away with so much for so long and he has lived with this for 27 years and hurt so many people.’
    • ‘For years fund management houses have been getting away with truly awful performance an aggrieved response.’
    • ‘I was probably just using this as an excuse for getting away with something naughty.’
    • ‘He's very obedient, with the result that he somehow gets away with never lifting a finger or buying anything for the house.’
    • ‘The view was that they only wanted to do the absolute minimum possible they could get away with.’
    • ‘Now your average hairdresser will use the cheapest shampoo they can get away with.’
    • ‘There are some who might think it clever to get away with not paying council tax.’
    • ‘Their attitude is that they will charge the public for anything they can get away with.’
    escape blame for, escape punishment for
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