Meaning of get going in English:

get going

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  • 1Leave a place in order to go somewhere else.

    ‘it's been wonderful seeing you again, but I think it's time we got going’
    • ‘All sorts of stuff to do, I probably should get going.’
    • ‘He looked at the alarm clock, "Oh boy, I better get going."’
    • ‘Keegan lowered her head mumble for them to get going.’
    • ‘You have to get going to school.’
    • ‘I think we should probably get going.’
    • ‘Well, I really have to get going if I want to catch that flight.’
    • ‘I'd better get going soon.’
    • ‘John looked at his watch and said that we'd better get going.’
    • ‘That's the bell, then lets get going!’
    • ‘I guess I'd better get going in order to make that appointment.’
    leave, depart, take one's leave, take oneself off, go, go away, go off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit
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  • 2Start happening or taking place.

    ‘the campaign got going in 1983’
    • ‘The overall 2004/5 programme of 56 projects has been slow to get going.’
    • ‘Certainly, we need something to spark to life a season in which we just haven't got going.’
    • ‘We've got unemployment high, consumer confidence low, stock market can't get going.’
    • ‘Nice in depth coverage you've got going on there.’
    • ‘Some days, you never really get going at all.’
    • ‘Weather conditions are still too bleak to get going with the rod comfortably.’
    • ‘Once I get going I'm sure it will turn into a selling obsession.’
    • ‘British pop history doesn't start with them, but they are its 1066-the point at which the traditional curriculum really gets going.’
    • ‘Once we got going in the second half, won cleaner possession, then we began to play our own game.’
    • ‘When he gets going he is very formidable and takes some stopping.’
    start, begin, get under way, go ahead
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