Meaning of get lucky in English:

get lucky


  • 1 informal Experience good luck.

    • ‘if you're flying into Toronto from the south you might get lucky and see Niagara Falls’
    • ‘we got lucky with the weather’
    • ‘Often, it is pretty easy to spot the upcoming publishing industry trends, and you may just get lucky if your work tallies with the popular publications at the time.’
    • ‘I got lucky the very first morning I went looking for office space.’
    • ‘When people get lucky in business, they are often convinced that it is not luck at all that brought them good fortune.’
    • ‘Okay, you might get lucky and win a decent prize (by matching five or more numbers), but the odds are massively stacked against you.’
    • ‘Pundits will get lucky from time to time of course, but luck tends to run out eventually.’
    • ‘Success, he explains, boils down to being smart enough to know when you're getting lucky, then grabbing the opportunity.’
    • ‘They might get lucky and spot some of the wildlife which lives in the area.’
    • ‘I kind of fell into Web design while studying marketing and somehow got lucky, to be honest.’
    • ‘Attackers run random numbers through the system, and occasionally get lucky.’
    • ‘Just days before the midterm elections, a handful of Republican candidates got lucky.’
    • ‘You guys got lucky this weekend - didn't see much of a snowstorm.’
    • ‘My daughter tried twice to get us tickets and we couldn't believe it when she got lucky.’
    1. 1.1Have sex, especially in the context of a casual encounter.
      ‘that girl playing pool definitely gave you the eye—you might get lucky tonight!’
      • ‘Hey, it's not my fault Mike's getting lucky tonight.’
      • ‘On another occasion, she claimed her boss publicly humiliated her by saying she might "get lucky" at a wedding and wake up next to someone.’
      • ‘I don't know ... maybe he's getting lucky with a cheerleader by Crystal Lake?’
      • ‘"I see you got lucky last night," she mumbled as she passed into the kitchen.’
      • ‘If Shawn got lucky (which he normally did every night), his cell was probably turned off to keep it from ringing at the wrong moment.’
      • ‘You led me on, told me that I'd get lucky with you tonight.’
      • ‘Next time you're planning a big night out, remember these tips and hopefully you'll get lucky.’
      • ‘Yep, first night-time date and maybe, just maybe I'll get lucky too.’