Meaning of get through in English:

get through

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (also get someone through)
    Pass or assist someone in passing (a difficult or testing experience or period)

    ‘I need these lessons to get me through my exam’
    • ‘Now it's all turning, and everything that we did to get us through that very difficult period is benefiting us.’
    • ‘These boys will have to get us through a difficult period.’
    • ‘‘I managed to wangle that,’ he admits, ‘I'm experienced, and that got me through.’’
    • ‘Conceding 13 years to his opponent yesterday, he had to call on every ounce of strength and every shred of courage and experience to get him through.’
    • ‘The president has a strong and experienced staff to get us through this difficult time.’
    • ‘I think it puts pressure on my opponents - it has certainly got me through some difficult matches.’
    • ‘Storage of water in large dams gets us through the periods of drought.’
    • ‘But the Fed hinting that it will print enough money to get us through the period is a very inflationary concern.’
    • ‘We've started badly but the experience in the team will get us through that.’
    • ‘Patience, compassion and a sense of humor will get us through this tricky period with grace.’
    pass, be successful in, succeed in, gain a pass in, come through, meet the requirements of, pass muster in
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    1. 1.1(with reference to a piece of legislation) make or become law.
      • ‘We believe we're going to be successful in getting this legislation through, because it just makes good common sense.’
      • ‘Actually, the issue is about getting this legislation through before the summer holidays begin, so that we can keep children safe in our community.’
      • ‘I am proud to be part of this Government, which is getting this legislation through tonight.’
      • ‘The Government certainly would not get this legislation through if it banned smoking completely.’
      • ‘At the end of the day I recognize that we are going to have to negotiate with the Senate to get that legislation through.’
      • ‘I encourage it to give more urgency to getting the resolutions through, tabling the legislation, and passing it through the House.’
      • ‘He got his legislative program through a Congress that still in his first term had a Democratic House of Representatives.’
      • ‘I know how to work with Republicans and Democrats, how to get things through the legislature.’
      • ‘Labour opposed it then, but now we want to pass legislation to support getting this project through.’
      • ‘The Cabinet has complained about being unable to get its bills through the legislature.’
  • 2British Finish or use up (a large amount or number of something), especially within a short time.

    ‘we got through four whole jars of mustard’
    • ‘His energy is astonishing, and the amount of work he got through in spite of severe illness makes his literary career as a whole seem heroic.’
    • ‘I still work 5 days a week, I still seem to get through the same amount of work.’
    • ‘It's around 1 p.m. and all I've really done is watch TV, and get through a suicidal amount of coffee.’
    • ‘In one hour I got through a whole box of Kleenex.’
    • ‘I'll get through a whole film every two-to-three days.’
    • ‘Two and a half people get through the whole batch because we go back for seconds.’
    • ‘Personally I can get through a whole tube of crisps and a couple of Cornettos whilst watching the show.’
    • ‘I could almost get through a whole pint of the black stuff without getting sick.’
    • ‘We did get through the whole crate eventually after many many years.’
    • ‘I knew I wouldn't be able to get through a whole post without it cropping up.’
    consume, go through, use, exhaust, deplete, expend, spend, waste, fritter away, squander, dissipate
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  • 3Make contact by telephone.

    • ‘I could never get through on the telephone, because it was always tied up.’
    • ‘After calling twice more and getting busy signals, I finally got through, but was told that they couldn't check on my order because their site was down.’
    • ‘I finally got through to someone who told me that we would be getting additional compensation, though he didn't know what, and that it would be mailed to me.’
    • ‘Well, after calling the 1-888 number for days, I finally got through.’
    • ‘I called her number: it was engaged and it took me more than fifteen minutes before I finally got through to her.’
    • ‘It would be hours before Betsy finally got through to a family member to learn that her father was safe.’
    • ‘Finally he got through to the hospital operator who forwarded the call to the girl's room.’
    • ‘Finally, my dad got through to someone who could only help by giving us still one more number to try.’
    • ‘Ringing that number will get you through to experienced staff who are trained to assist regardless of the query.’
    • ‘I've tried numerous times to reach her on her mobile but I've never managed to get through to her.’
    1. 3.1Succeed in communicating with someone in a meaningful way.
      ‘I just don't think anyone can get through to these kids’
      • ‘Somehow the excitement was infectious and it managed to get through to me.’
      • ‘Some of them have real issues that have to be addressed before you can get through to them.’
      • ‘I felt that I had never really managed to get through to him what I was doing, why I was doing it, it just didn't really feel right with him.’
      • ‘The only thing that managed to get through to my thoughts was the word, ‘traitor.’’
      • ‘I had a horrible feeling though that even if I did manage to get through to her, she wasn't likely to correct herself.’
      • ‘I wasn't doing anything I hadn't done a million times before - just attempting to get through to my friend and not quite managing.’
      • ‘That helped get rid of our frustration at not being able to get through to our daughters; it unlocked the door to communication.’
      • ‘I feel that we've finally got through to the politicians.’
      • ‘I think I might finally be getting through to her.’
      • ‘I knew that I was getting through to him finally.’
      communicate with, get one's message across to, explain oneself to
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