Meaning of geyserite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡiːzərʌɪt/ /ˈɡʌɪzərʌɪt/

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mass noun
  • A hard opaline siliceous deposit occurring around geysers and hot springs.

    ‘The temperature of the water is not high enough to form geyserite.’
    • ‘The accumulated geyserite constituted small, cone-shaped hills here and there, which are called geyser cones today.’
    • ‘Over hundreds of years, the geyserite builds up.’
    • ‘The crust of geyserite is thin in places and if walked on can break through.’
    • ‘The cliffs rising like cones are made up of sheet layers of hydroquarzite, silicic limestone and mass geyserite.’


Early 19th century from geyser+ -ite.