Meaning of ghost story in English:

ghost story


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  • A story about ghosts, intended to be frightening.

    ‘The story is a gothic ghost story set amid the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.’
    • ‘He is the father of much genre writing - the detective story, the ghost story, science fiction, the psychological thriller.’
    • ‘It is the ghost story supreme - a ghost story with a vengeance.’
    • ‘If you had read the title of this story, you would think that this story will be a scary ghost story or a story about a murderer with an axe but I am afraid it is not.’
    • ‘It's a haunting tale, like a ghost story whose narrator is speaking from beyond the grave, a victim of the same fate.’
    • ‘She tells him that he acts like he is frightened by a superstitious ghost story.’
    • ‘In a ghost story, the narrative doesn't have to be a model of originality or coherence, but it needs to support the scares.’
    • ‘It's a kind of ghost story, really, a ghost story that ends on a quavering note of love, reunion, and redemption.’
    • ‘What starts out a psychological thriller turns into little more than a ghost story, and the potential of the initial story is abandoned.’
    • ‘It starts off as a ghost story, moves into a political thriller and finishes as an epic, spiritual battle between good and evil.’
    • ‘As the distant thunder rumbled and came closer, I thought of the next dime novel I had been planning to read, a ghost story.’
    • ‘It is a ghost story, a tragedy, a policier and a drawing room comedy: a captivating story performed with childlike unselfconsciousness.’
    • ‘There are elements of a ghost story, and there is a growing, yet understated tension, with subtle layers of meaning.’
    • ‘It's a ghost story, about the almost-killed being viewed as if they were.’
    • ‘In this case a modern Tokyo apartment building becomes the setting for a ghost story told in the time-honoured Japanese confessional style.’
    • ‘I think one episode involved a ghost story in a park.’
    • ‘After dark, pass around a flashlight and let everyone tell a favorite ghost story.’
    • ‘There's nothing like a good ghost story to spice up the history of a house.’
    • ‘As the name would suggest, it is a ghost story and there is nothing wrong with that.’
    • ‘I enjoyed writing the ghost story and the competition gave me a real taste of what it would be like to be an author.’