Meaning of ghostwriter in English:



  • A person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author.

    • ‘He said one reason to be more lenient is that everyone assumes that most words uttered by politicians or published under their names were actually written by speechwriters or ghostwriters.’
    • ‘Journal articles are no longer published anonymously, and ghostwriters demand that their contributions be acknowledged.’
    • ‘Keeping in mind that people trust experts, you can have a ghostwriter write your web content and you present it under your name.’
    • ‘He wanted to stay the course with his main character and write it himself without a ghostwriter or co-author.’
    • ‘Estimates suggest that almost half of all articles published in journals are by ghostwriters.’
    • ‘So judges, politicians, businessmen, lawyers - and now it seems law professors - increasingly hire ghostwriters (whether they're called ghostwriters, law clerks, or research assistants) as specialists in writing.’
    • ‘Another disturbing trend in university medicine today is the growing use of ghostwriters and ‘guest writers.’’
    • ‘As noted earlier, some presidents crafted their inaugural addresses, whereas others employed ghostwriters or speechwriters.’
    • ‘I am not the author of my life, but its ghostwriter, and I wish I'd been able to come up with something more outrageous.’
    • ‘In truth, nearly every one of those celebrities made a deal through an agent or book packager, collected a nice advance for the use of the name, and left to a professional ghostwriter all the actual writing.’
    • ‘To date, he has written 36 books, 18 under his own name and 18 as a ghostwriter.’
    • ‘Unfortunately she is not a natural writer - and, unforgivably, nor is her ghostwriter.’
    • ‘Many ghostwriters offer their services very affordably.’
    • ‘But what happens when the budget you've allocated for ghostwriters runs out - do you excuse weak albums as the result of just ‘not being in the mood to write?’’
    • ‘One of the UK's best known ghostwriters is Andrew Crofts.’
    • ‘Finally one of the US's finest ghostwriters is ready to blow and his career looks set to take on a life of it's own.’
    • ‘The book has been a saga in itself, with its subject falling out with two previous ghostwriters.’
    • ‘She was so dismayed with the ghostwriter's draft of her 1998 autobiography that she rewrote it completely.’
    • ‘The ghostwriter wants to produce a good book and they have over-elaborated on things.’
    • ‘Many autobiographies disappoint because the player is unwilling to provide adequate time for the ghostwriter to delve into his mind.’