Meaning of giant clam in English:

giant clam


  • A very large bivalve mollusc that occurs in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

    Family Tridacnidae: several species, including Tridacna gigas, which is the largest living shelled mollusc

    ‘The red-plumed tubeworms and giant clams were nowhere to be seen.’
    • ‘The photograph below actually depicts a giant clam, Tridacna, from the south Pacific, but notice the pink encrusting material on the outsides of the shell.’
    • ‘Whales, sea turtles, crocodiles, giant clams, manta rays, and dugongs also ply the peninsula's waters.’
    • ‘We found many beautiful hard corals and a fair number of soft corals and colorful giant clams.’
    • ‘Here giant clams gape widely, waiting for a meal.’