Meaning of giclee in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʒiːkleɪ/


mass noun
  • 1A digital printing process in which an ink-jet printer is used to produce a high-quality art print.

    ‘giclee is the only printing technique that captures the essence of my watercolors’
    • ‘limited-edition giclee prints’
    • ‘The final public editions are enlarged and reproduced using giclée and other techniques.’
    • ‘That said, she does ultimately digitize the image in order to make a giclée print.’
    • ‘Hence the word ‘inkjet’ isn't exactly prominent in the marketing of giclée products, despite that being exactly what the process is.’
    • ‘These small giclée prints are probably the highlight of the show.’
    • ‘A computer then performs the millions of calculations necessary to produce a giclee print.’
    • ‘I anticipate retail prices for giclee prints to continue to drop.’
    • ‘Other publishers applaud the addition of giclee to the market.’
    • ‘Edition sizes will be kept at 195 and the medium will be giclee on canvas.’
    • ‘As part of the acquisition, a major investment was made in digital equipment for the production of giclee reproductions.’
    • ‘Others are printed using the giclee process, where long-lasting inks are laid onto various types of art papers.’
    • ‘The vast majority, 83 percent, say that more education is needed to help them inform their clients about giclee printing.’
    • ‘Newcomers to the art business today might not realize that there was not a printmaking technique called "giclee" a decade ago.’
    • ‘And the equipment and technology used to create a giclee print is state-of-the art.’
    • ‘The brochure offers information about the company and takes readers through the company's process of creating a museum-quality giclee print.’
    • ‘Contact us to discuss any aspect of giclee printmaking and your art.’
    • ‘Heussenstamm has begun producing giclee prints of his paintings and enjoys widespread interest in his work from people worldwide.’
    • ‘The net effect of giclee is that it has opened up tremendous opportunities for artists, publishers and people who want to own art.’
    1. 1.1count noun A print produced using the giclee process.
      ‘65 per cent of galleries now sell giclees’
      • ‘His work will be reproduced in limited-edition giclees to be released by Side Roads this year.’
      • ‘Her limited-edition giclees will be published by New Era with prices starting at $695.’
      • ‘There are also geographic differences in the percentage of galleries that carry both types of giclees.’
      • ‘One day he is marketing giclees of Marilyn, the next, "authentic, original, vintage, period pieces."’
      • ‘More than 30 original works of art and limited-edition giclees were on display and for sale.’
      • ‘The inception of print-on-demand technology created a whole new, digital way of creating prints, called giclees.’
      • ‘I know some people with galleries who have purchased equipment for making giclees.’
      • ‘This release marks the first time Lange's work has been reproduced as giclees.’
      • ‘Having researched the digital technologies available, we have managed to produce a low-cost giclee at an incredibly low price.’
      • ‘Posters and giclees are the second and third top-selling prints, followed by serigraphs/silkscreens and etchings.’
      • ‘The production of mass amounts of giclees also allows more fragmentation and more transient competitors.’
      • ‘Sales of such systems to art publishers and print suppliers have blossomed in recent years, as printers, inks and paper combinations have improved the longevity and quality of giclees.’
      • ‘Virgem Reproductions will continue to distribute his limited-edition giclees.’
      • ‘Two fine art posters from were released by the company, and a new s/n limited edition giclee will be available this fall.’
      • ‘Half the galleries that carry giclees have them on both canvas and paper.’
      • ‘Today, according to the recent Art Business News POP Survey, giclees are the leading type of print art dealers and gallery owners have added to their inventories.’
      • ‘Her customers, she added, also like the look of giclees, especially those printed on canvas.’
      • ‘He recently began to distribute the work of more than 20 artists whose works are printed as giclees.’
      • ‘Thompson was showcasing giclees by prominent Japanese anime artists like Osamu Tezuka, Mutsumi Inomata and Mikimoto.’
      • ‘Now we're producing giclees and everything is going great.’


1990s from French giclée ‘spurt, squirt’.