Meaning of ginger group in English:

ginger group


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  • A highly active faction within a party or movement that presses for stronger action on a particular issue.

    ‘It is a pity that it could not set itself up as a ginger group within the Tory Party.’
    • ‘He wanted the organisations to be ‘vanguard movements’ - ginger groups stirring the pot of accepted notions and ways of doing things.’
    • ‘After the Conservative defeat of 1880 he led a small ginger group known as the Fourth Party undermining the party leadership of Northcote.’
    • ‘They have somehow to stop briefing against one another, stop setting up new ginger groups designed to damage other Tories.’
    • ‘He warned: ‘We are still a ginger group and will act as one when necessary.’’
    clique, coterie, caucus, cabal, bloc, camp, group, grouping, side, sector, section, wing, arm, branch, division, contingent, set, ring, lobby