Meaning of ginger nut in English:

ginger nut

(also ginger snap)


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  • A hard ginger-flavoured biscuit.

    ‘So far today I've had about 20 biscuits (caramels, ginger snaps and a few shortbread) and 2 litres of water.’
    • ‘She also breezily said she wasn't having any dessert, before diving into her son's ginger ice cream with a ginger snap.’
    • ‘Finely crush the ginger snaps in a food processor (or in a plastic bag, with a rolling pin).’
    • ‘I'm pretty much chained to my desk at home, but I don't tend to eat while at my computer (except the odd ginger nut or fig roll).’
    • ‘I've got a taste for some of those ginger snaps to go with it.’