Meaning of ginnel in English:



Northern English
  • A narrow passage between buildings; an alley.

    ‘Just after midnight the man was returning home via a ginnel running from Skipton Road to Main Street when it appears he was attacked.’
    • ‘Access roads and ginnels have now been sealed off.’
    • ‘You have to walk down a dark lane or a dark ginnel to access public transport.’
    • ‘Sometimes people want ginnels closed for security reasons, other times they need to stay open as a valuable local access route.’
    • ‘We hope that by cutting hedgerows we will make ginnels safer and make it more difficult for burglars to work without the cover that overgrown hedges provide.’
    byroad, byway, path, pathway, footpath, way, towpath, trail, track, road, street, alley, alleyway, roadway, passage, thoroughfare



/ˈɡɪnl/ /ˈdʒɪnl/


Early 17th century perhaps from French chenel ‘channel’.