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Pronunciation /ɡəːl/

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  • 1A female child.

    ‘a six-year-old girl’
    • ‘girls go through puberty earlier than boys’
    • ‘He and a female pedestrian comforted the girl at the roadside, and contacted the police.’
    • ‘Some thought that boys got the short end of the stick and that their female teachers favored girls.’
    • ‘The female group approached the girls and demanded their mobile phones.’
    • ‘The club hopes to have over 100 youngsters - both boys and girls - taking part.’
    • ‘Beforehand, it was mandatory for both boys and girls to attend school to primary-school level.’
    • ‘There will be major parts for nine small children - seven girls and two boys.’
    • ‘Girls are also outperforming boys in spelling and maths.’
    • ‘The week's activities are suitable for boys and girls of primary school age.’
    • ‘The preparatory school caters for girls and boys aged three to 11 after which pupils move up to the senior school.’
    • ‘The activity camp is open to boys and girls.’
    • ‘The little girl is a scene-stealer.’
    • ‘A young girl was sitting on a bench in a dark corner of the church.’
    • ‘The story concerns a 10-year-old girl who discovers a secret world.’
    • ‘Participation in athletics among girls and women is at an all-time high.’
    • ‘For girls between the ages of 9 and 18, experts recommend 1,300 mg of calcium per day as adequate intake.’
    • ‘A governess waits for a little girl to finish reciting the blessing before serving the meal.’
    • ‘Girls between the ages of 12 and 15 are especially interested in the computer-as-accessory idea.’
    • ‘She is just like every other little girl, but she happens to be incredibly resourceful as well as bilingual.’
    • ‘The project aims to get more girls interested in technology.’
    female child, young person, youngster, teenager, adolescent, young woman, young lady
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    1. 1.1A person's daughter.
      ‘he was devoted to his little girl’
      • ‘She has five grandchildren, her daughter's two girls and her son's three boys.’
      • ‘They enjoyed a break away with their daughter Samantha and her twin girls Rebecca and Crystal.’
      • ‘I have a lot of issues about my ex girlfriend and my little girl.’
  • 2A young or relatively young woman.

    ‘I haven't got the time to meet girls’
    • ‘Local teenage girls walking their babies in strollers earned judgemental stares from the couple at a table next to me.’
    • ‘I really regret not going to university because I would have met more girls.’
    • ‘At this gig, guys and girls alike were giving it all they had.’
    • ‘The band is made up of two girls and two guys.’
    • ‘He needs to let his anger go after seeing the girl he likes in some other guy's arms.’
    • ‘Tom sees a beautiful girl and falls in love with her.’
    • ‘We had a scientist girl come in to design it.’
    • ‘I'd give anything to have that girl in my life.’
    • ‘I want to marry a girl I actually like!’
    • ‘As a student in the early 1960s, he was on a date with a girl who mentioned that the Peace Corps exams were being held the next day.’
    young woman, young lady, miss
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    1. 2.1with modifier A young woman of a specified kind or having a specified job.
      ‘a chorus girl’
      • ‘The story tells of peasant girl who falls in love with a nobleman, and the disastrous consequences of that love.’
      • ‘London was amazing, but I was still a country girl at heart.’
      • ‘At a dance, all the stuck-up rich girls refuse to dance with him.’
      • ‘A Bond girl has a special place in film history.’
      • ‘On the surface, this is a romantic comedy about a party girl who falls for a guy she meets at a night club.’
      • ‘The cover girl said she had a no-nonsense approach to her health regimen.’
      • ‘A lot of my friends are career girls.’
      • ‘Suzie flees to Paris and becomes a dancing girl.’
      • ‘Being a city girl, I was unused to seeing such short old buildings and dirty streets.’
      • ‘Gabrielle is a farm girl with a scholar's bent and an explorer's curiosity.’
      • ‘Later, she returned to New Orleans with her sisters in tow and worked as a shop girl.’
      • ‘She is the weather girl on Channel 12.’
      • ‘The checkout girl checks the change, and apologizes for her error.’
      • ‘The play opens with the factory girls sitting at their work stations busily checking stock.’
      • ‘She was a society girl before she became interested in public affairs.’
    2. 2.2girls informal Women who mix socially or belong to a particular group, team, or profession.
      • ‘I look forward to having a night with the girls’
    3. 2.3A person's girlfriend.
      ‘I had to look my best for my girl’
      • ‘The worst moment was when I rang up one day to take out my daughter and my girl refused to let me see her, because of the mess that I was in.’
      • ‘Coachman Tom and his girl Nance were due to marry when she left him for another.’
      • ‘My girl had left me, my dog had run away and I had no money.’
      • ‘When I was in high school, she was my girl.’
      • ‘Harry had once stolen his girl.’
      • ‘I've got a girl back home.’
      • ‘This was where the guys took their girls to look at the sunset.’
      girlfriend, partner, lover, sweetheart, significant other, woman
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    4. 2.4 dated A female servant.
      attendant, retainer
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    one of the girls
    • A woman who is an accepted or integral member of a female social group.

      • ‘she just wants to be one of the girls’
    that's my girl!
    • Used as an expression of encouragement or admiration to a girl or young woman.

      • ‘Thorn gave me an approving look. ‘That's my girl!’’


Middle English (denoting a child or young person of either sex): perhaps related to Low German gör ‘child’.