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Pronunciation /ˈɡəːlfrɛnd/

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  • 1A person's regular female companion with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship.

    ‘he lives with his girlfriend’
    • ‘When the two develop relationships with girlfriends, jealous tempers flare.’
    • ‘I've probably had more boyfriends than girlfriends, but my relationships with women have lasted longer.’
    • ‘This is proved when he talks about Jess, his girlfriend, whom he met in a lift in Milan.’
    • ‘In past relationships my girlfriends used me for my money and to get publicity.’
    • ‘He says he was aggressive to his family and to his girlfriend who terminated their relationship.’
    • ‘Michael took drugs, but he had a good relationship with his girlfriend at the time.’
    • ‘Nick also told me Jake had a new girlfriend, whom he met while he was on some trip.’
    • ‘Two young bravos swear that their girlfriends love them with unshakable fidelity.’
    • ‘Many have wives, partners and girlfriends, the last thing we wanted was to cause embarrassment to them.’
    • ‘But then I find it hard to separate my love for my girlfriend from all the other kinds in my life.’
    • ‘I'm lucky because I have had a few relationships but not as many girlfriends as you would probably think.’
    • ‘Has anybody ever told you it's bad form to talk about old girlfriends on a date?’
    • ‘He was regarded as being happy in his career and had a steady girlfriend in Britain.’
    • ‘He told me he had dated many different girls and had lots of girlfriends.’
    • ‘The subject of boyfriends and girlfriends was discussed and he said the girl said she goes with different boys.’
    • ‘Men with partners put photos of their wives or girlfriends on their desks.’
    • ‘I love showing my work to my girlfriend and my family and try to get them to walk past the cathedral.’
    • ‘He says he thinks that he's falling in love with me and he wants me to be his girlfriend.’
    • ‘He could not feel his legs and had to be helped up by his girlfriend and a male friend.’
    • ‘I had no girlfriends as a teenager, no friends at all really, because golf was my life.’
    partner, lover, significant other, girl, woman
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    1. 1.1A woman's female friend.
      ‘she would rather go to the cinema with a girlfriend’
      • ‘I think it's high time you selected both your men friends and your girlfriends more carefully.’
      • ‘She constantly had to be surrounded by her girlfriends, guy friends, and me… all the time.’
      • ‘She was fairly tall, taller than her girlfriends, but not as tall as her guy friends.’
      • ‘The mother is a demure Thai lady with many girlfriends, all of whom seem to visit at the same time.’
      • ‘I especially like the last two in the top row, the girlfriends and the yearning girl.’
      • ‘She was standing with her girlfriends talking about girl things and she said goodbye to them and got in River's truck.’
      • ‘I asked my girlfriends to find me a date, and they rattled off a list of potential blokes.’
      • ‘They go on a few dates and she brags to her girlfriends about the great guy she has met.’