Meaning of gitano in English:


Pronunciation /dʒɪˈtɑːnəʊ/ /xiˈtano/


  • A Romani man or boy from Spain; a male Spanish Gypsy.

    ‘The gitano gave me a good lunch, of which I ate and drank sparingly.’
    • ‘The gitano, talking of Juan, put his finger to his head.’
    • ‘The musical art of flamenco has its genesis in the culture of the Gitano, and eventually emerged as a thriving part of Spanish culture today.’
    • ‘The gitano offered me almonds and a few figs.’
    • ‘The gitano is sober, hard working, and intelligent.’
    • ‘The gitano asked me a stiff price but did not swindle me.’
    • ‘Even groups such as the Gitanos or Romnichals, despite having lost most of their original language, still maintain a strong sense of ethnic identity and exclusiveness.’
    • ‘As a society within a society, the Gitanos of Spain have maintained their art as a connection to an unwritten past and a way to share it with others.’
    • ‘The Gitanos sing, clap and dance for themselves.’
    • ‘Growing up among the Gitanos, she was exposed to music delivered with passion and enthusiasm.’
    Romani, Roma, Rom, Romanichal, chal, gitano, gitana, tzigane, zingaro