Meaning of give over in English:

give over

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phrasal verb

  • 1give oneself over, give over oneselfAllow oneself to be taken over by an emotion or addiction.

    ‘I gave myself over to the joy of gliding down a long ski run’
    • ‘She had tried so hard to give herself over to the love she thought she had for Keenan, being as selfless as she knew how.’
    • ‘The rich gave themselves over to the most excessive indulgence and the poor knew no other desire than to be able to participate, ever so modestly, in that indulgence.’
    • ‘Like a schoolboy disappointed in love, he gave himself over to mental violence.’
    • ‘If she gives herself over to anger, to sloth, to covetousness, or envy, the father sees nothing.’
    • ‘Not to be insensitive, but I've known various alcoholics and addicts, and it does take a certain kind of determination and willpower to give yourself over to a drug so completely.’
    • ‘He projected an alert, melancholy, insolent intelligence, but gave himself over to laziness, to lust and stupidity with alarming readiness, as if just for the sake of having something to do.’
    • ‘Needless to say, life for the army came to a full stop as Alexander gave himself over to grief.’
    • ‘She wound her hands in his hair, felt his lips rapidly warming to the temperature of her own blood, and stopped thinking, giving herself over to feelings entirely.’
    • ‘At that she gave a small laugh before giving herself over to the tears that had wanted to come out since she left the campsite.’
    • ‘She falls madly in love with that small, wiry painter hired by her husband to paint their portraits and gives herself over to a reckless passion that destroys the life she has led until then.’
    luxuriate, bask, take pleasure, take satisfaction, indulge, indulge oneself, delight, revel, glory
  • 2give someone over, give over someoneDeliver a wanted person to the authorities.

    ‘she gave him over to the police’
    • ‘she voluntarily gave herself over to Chinese authorities outside the consulate’
  • 3British informal often in imperative Stop doing something.

    • ‘‘Give over, will you!’ she shouted’
    • ‘Give over, will you? You’re driving me crazy!’
    • ‘Just give over, stop moaning and if it's that bad don't go back.’
    1. 3.1Used to express vehement disagreement or denial.
      ‘I suggested her salary might be £100,000. ‘Give over!’’
      • ‘Oh give over - that's exactly what you're doing.’
      • ‘Act your age? Give over, that's never going to happen.’