Meaning of give someone the pip in English:

give someone the pip


informal, dated
  • Make someone angry or depressed.

    • ‘that sort of talk gave Jimmy the pip’
    • ‘If somebody's giving you the pip - and that possibility's high - view them as yet another interesting deviation from the norm.’
    • ‘If this gives you the pip, think before you nip about the wisdom of people in glass houses not throwing stones.’
    • ‘Professionals who wrap themselves in national colours following success (usually only when someone throws it in their direction) gives me the pip.’
    • ‘But while the seeded status accorded Alex McLeish's men should make this monumental tie easier to swallow, it could still give them the pip.’
    • ‘Stories like this one from AP really give me the pip.’
    • ‘Even tongue-in-cheek advice books, such as Camilla Morton's How To Walk In High Heels, give me the pip.’
    • ‘I DON'T know about you, but the row over a Blackburn trader being, in effect, told by visiting French stallholders what he could and couldn't sell on a continental market in his own town fairly gave me the pip.’