Meaning of gladdon in English:



  • A purple-flowered iris native to Eurasia and North Africa, which produces an unpleasant odour, especially when bruised.

    Iris foetidissima, family Iridaceae

    • ‘One of them is the reserve of gladdons located near the southern town gates.’
    • ‘Its botanical name is Iris foetidissima and it is also known as stinking gladwin or gladdon.’
    • ‘This plant is also known as sweet root, sweet rush, sweet cane, sweet flag, gladdon, sweet myrtle, myrtle grass, myrtle sedge, and cinnamon sedge.’
    • ‘The gladdon is a good plant for dry shade and will thrive even under yew trees.’
    • ‘It belongs to a section of the Iris family called Limniris, which also includes closely-related I. lazica 3 and British native I. foetidissima (gladdon, or stinking iris).’


Old English glædene, based on Latin gladiolus (see gladiolus).