Meaning of glassware in English:



mass noun
  • Ornaments and articles made from glass.

    • ‘Other artefacts uncovered include a silver bowl, glassware, pottery, coins and a jet brooch.’
    • ‘Look in the back streets for coffee pots, pottery, gold and silver jewellery, and glassware.’
    • ‘They also stock beautiful glassware, a pewter range of mugs and ornaments and mantle clock in various designs.’
    • ‘Traditional Dutch crafts include pottery, tile work, glassware, and silver.’
    • ‘Some crystal or fine glassware has a gilt design or edge on the rim of glass or as a decorative design or a patterned glass dish.’
    • ‘Passengers were served three meals a day on heavy china with fine silverware and elegant glassware.’
    • ‘At the back of the exhibit, visitors can see crystal glassware being made in an actual factory.’
    • ‘It now houses a roaring fire, plenty of candles, fine silver and funky glassware.’
    • ‘This delicate range of cutlery is the reproductions of some of the best European glassware made by Malaysian glass blowers and craftsmen.’
    • ‘A guy had a whole table of laboratory glassware and I was able to cross an item off my list of lifetime goals: I now own a bell jar.’
    • ‘Where else can you get individual pieces of glassware for only 99-cents each?’
    • ‘Twenty dealers will showcase a range of antique furniture, china, jewellery, glassware and interesting curios.’
    • ‘Modern yet informal concepts with elegant table settings, menu cards, glassware, linen and flatware have been used.’
    • ‘There will also be displays of glassware, beers from around the world, cheese, wine accessories, wine books and much more.’
    • ‘The items found included glassware, chemicals and equipment allegedly used to manufacture methamphetamine.’
    • ‘The correct glassware for each type of beer allows one to appreciate the colour, aroma, carbonation and flavour to the fullest.’
    • ‘Chemicals, glassware and apparatus used in the process of making amphetamine were found in a search of two derelict vehicles.’
    • ‘They overturned tables and threw chairs around, smashed glassware, and threatened and insulted employees.’
    • ‘Other sectors, such as glassware and gemstones, are not much different.’
    • ‘Is fine glassware considered an essential purchase for homeowners and business establishments?’
    glassware, crystal, crystalware