Meaning of gleanings in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡliːnɪŋz/

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plural noun

  • Things, especially facts, that are gathered or collected from various sources rather than acquired as a whole.

    ‘an answer based wholly upon a few gleanings from the Sunday newspapers’
    • ‘His writings about aspects of Chinese life combine published information, his own observations, and gleanings from his sources in China.’
    • ‘These are gleanings not from your run-of-the-mill general knowledge ready-reckoner, but rather from a directory of, by and perhaps for doctors.’
    • ‘Several minutes later, after reading each result, he filtered the information and ran the gleanings back out onto the dummy websites he'd set up.’
    • ‘It's reminiscent of other press gleanings, except that he makes no pretense that his work is objective.’
    • ‘Suffering several weeks of temporary lameness, I have been taking taxis a good deal, and offer a few gleanings from recent experience.’
    • ‘All of it was furnished with what looked like gleanings from someone's attic - hill station style.’
    • ‘Next week it's all about music: spiritual gleanings from the multicultural arts festival, Carnivale, including Byzantine chant.’
    • ‘Warships are therefore hermetically-sealed custodians of separate vernacular languages, or gleanings from them.’
    • ‘Three sets of comments are printed on each page: standard historical and philological notes; gleanings from mid-rashic theological reflections; and ethical advice for today's Conservative Jews.’
    • ‘Chapter three represents the author's gleanings from the aforementioned 175 peninsular cases the author found mainly in the Sevillian Archive of the Indies.’
    • ‘He devoted just over 1 page to these remains in the course of a four-page article on miscellaneous gleanings buried in the deep Sahara.’
    • ‘So by applying our model (Reading, Navigating, Interacting) and our short list of gleanings, there are all sorts of things that can be done to browsers to make them better.’
    • ‘The result is not a complete picture but a fragmented collage made up of one man's gleanings.’