Meaning of glissé in English:


Pronunciation /ɡliːˈseɪ/

nounplural noun glissé/ɡliːˈseɪ/

  • A movement in which weight is transferred from one foot, which is slid outward from the body and briefly extended off the ground, to the other, which is then brought to meet it.

    ‘Move by gliding the front foot forward (= pas glissé), front foot moves up and ahead, rear leg follows.’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes of barre work to cover: a) pliés and ports de bras b) tendus and glissés c) ronds de jambe à terre and en l' air d) adage with fondus e) grands battements and battements en cloche’


French, literally ‘slipped, glided’, past participle of glisser.