Meaning of glitzily in English:




See glitzy

‘There's also a wonderfully kitschy, pointed altar arch, and a sequence of glitzily Baroque side chapels.’
  • ‘Where the heroes of the Risorgimento met in the nineteenth century, this rather glitzily restored café with gilt pilasters and an immense chandelier combines a restaurant and ice cream parlour.’
  • ‘The seven deck high atrium acts as the internal focal point leading to the glitzily decorated public rooms and facilities.’
  • ‘A spotlight cuts its way onto the dark stage, and, the crowd roaring, into the light bounds the glitzily dressed superstar - Franz Liszt.’
  • ‘For the most part, life here is lived much as it has been since time immemorial: decadently, stylishly and glitzily, all under bliss-inducing, cloudless skies.’