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Pronunciation /ˈɡləʊb(ə)l/

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  • 1Relating to the whole world; worldwide.

    ‘the downturn in the global economy’
    • ‘This is even more apparent to enterprises that compete internationally in a global economy.’
    • ‘The global reach of the world wide web provides a clear advantage in rallying public opinion.’
    • ‘They want to take full advantage of the Internet's connection to the global economy.’
    • ‘It is much easier to find your place in a global world when you have a strong sense of identity at home.’
    • ‘A case of smallpox anywhere in the world would represent a global health emergency.’
    • ‘This is partly because of the astonishing speed at which the global economy is currently changing.’
    • ‘Increasingly, the free movement of people is emerging as one of the engines of the global economy.’
    • ‘But I see China as a vital part of a growing new global economy.’
    • ‘Increasingly in the new global economy, labour is becoming an unregulated commodity.’
    • ‘She will lead off a discussion on ‘Women and the new global economy’.’
    • ‘Certain industrial product categories are truly global in nature.’
    • ‘They fear that global capitalism could slide into even greater instability, and slump.’
    • ‘They matter because in the increasingly global marketplace, the clout that counts is corporate.’
    • ‘But in an increasingly global marketplace, more U.S. companies are beginning to turn to foreign venture capitalists.’
    • ‘Storm clouds are turning ominously dark as global markets become more unsettled by the week.’
    • ‘We want to problematize the question of when the international system became global in scale.’
    • ‘If you let the small town opinions of others govern your actions, you cannot be global in your reach.’
    • ‘If it would ever do so, I'm confident the research would be global in nature and statistically reliable.’
    • ‘Think of a product that is so local, it could never go global.’
    • ‘What makes the recent changes stand out is that they are extremely rapid and global in extent.’
    • ‘Researchers can download data from the general circulation models of global climate.’
    worldwide, international, world, intercontinental
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  • 2Relating to or encompassing the whole of something, or of a group of things.

    ‘give students a global picture of what is involved in the task’
    • ‘Those studies also focused on university students, in a bid to get a global picture of the prevalence of dating violence.’
    • ‘All players are not at this level, and one should look at the global picture.’
    • ‘Measurements taken from these stations help to get a global picture of the magnetic field.’
    • ‘Also one has to look at the global picture of dance, instead of just from a local angle.’
    • ‘What we need are comprehensive, global statistics, and data on long-term trends.’
    • ‘The four controls were run on every slide within a project and used to generate a global average of total analyte signal.’
    • ‘Standards of living as well which should be funded out of general global taxation.’
    • ‘Your Honour, I am doing this in a global way at the moment, showing the overall effect.’
    • ‘By the way, my entire global division of the international bakery was scrapped today.’
    • ‘A more global study of total nitrogen status of the entire plants would be needed to be able to reach a conclusion on this point.’
    comprehensive, overall, general, all-inclusive, all-encompassing, encyclopedic, universal, exhaustive, blanket
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    1. 2.1Computing Operating or applying through the whole of a file, program, etc.
      ‘global searches’
      • ‘It's bothered me for a while that even as a Pro user, you don't have any kind of global access to files.’
      • ‘This is useful if you are interested in detail, but there is no global search facility as such.’