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global economy

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  • The economies of the world's individual countries considered together as a single economic system.

    ‘New York plays a vital role in the global economy’
    • ‘You will find the best way to succeed in an ever-changing global economy.’
    • ‘Statistics reveal that building construction consumes 40 percent of the raw materials entering the global economy every year.’
    • ‘What has changed is that more than ever we live in a global economy dominated by giant corporations.’
    • ‘We are strengthening the foundation to compete effectively in the global economy.’
    • ‘The rising costs can be attributed somewhat to a global economy that struggled with inflation during the mid-1970s.’
    • ‘The downturn started with the 1997 Asian crisis and gradually spread to the entire global economy.’
    • ‘I'm quite nervous about the prospects for the global economy.’
    • ‘The situation has ramifications for the global economy.’
    • ‘But I see China as a vital part of a growing new global economy.’
    • ‘In 2003, the global economy grew by 3 per cent.’
    • ‘At last year's gathering of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, there was acknowledgment the global economy stood on the brink of recession.’