Meaning of globe thistle in English:

globe thistle


  • An Old World thistle with globe-shaped heads of metallic blue-grey flowers.

    Genus Echinops, family Compositae

    ‘Plenty of choices abound for perennials, so you can choose your favorites among the following: aster, Shasta daisy, purple coneflower, globe thistle, daylily, scabiosa, goldenrod, phlox,’
    • ‘The globe thistle flowers stand proudly like drumsticks above prickly leaves in July and August, and, as with eryngiums, are a mecca for insects, which make a beeline for them.’
    • ‘The globe thistle requires no staking, reaches heights of over a metre, and will attract bees and butterflies to join the throbbing throng.’
    • ‘That's why gardeners interplant Oriental poppies with concealing companions such as baby's breath, catmint, globe thistle, Heliopsis, purple coneflower, and Russian sage.’
    • ‘What is the Asian name for globe thistle and tick seed?’