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Pronunciation /ˈɡlɒbjuːl/

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  • 1A small round particle of a substance; a drop.

    ‘ globules of fat’
    • ‘Placing a gentle hand on the woman's chin, Chase brought her face upward so that he could stare into those beautiful eyes filled with globules of tears.’
    • ‘Milk is another colloid, consisting of microscopic globules of fat dispersed in water.’
    • ‘In one hand he held a long paint brush from which globules of paint were threatening to drop while his arm supported a palette kept in place by a thumb through a hole.’
    • ‘Sparkles of light flared where kinetic energy was converted to light and heat and globules of metal.’
    • ‘These cells are generally globose and larger than epidermal cells, and contain many large globules of oil, a consistent feature of all sections examined.’
    • ‘Although the softest condition is obtained when the large globules of cementite are embedded in the ferrite, a smooth machined surface is difficult to obtain due to tearing.’
    • ‘As she mechanically began spooning hot globules of oatmeal into her mouth, she caught sight of Periwinkle and another teacher walk in through the Arts Wing hallway.’
    • ‘Not only could fat be wrung out of the bread, there were dark foreign objects within its matrix, which upon further investigation turned out to be little globules of maple syrup.’
    • ‘My mother used to render a sublime schmaltz, drawing forth globules of fat and the skin thereunto attached from well-bred chickens.’
    • ‘Let's face it, fat - be it the visible white lines of marbled steak or globules of fat hidden in ground beef - adds flavour and moisture.’
    • ‘Even very small globules of fat can scatter light, giving the ice cream the opacity that customers associate with high quality.’
    • ‘There are huge globules of food hanging off his nose and chin.’
    • ‘All eyes were turned to the sparkling showers and shimmering globules of light that dimmed and disappeared as they touched the ground.’
    • ‘Membranes that keep the globules of fat apart in the milk were softened and then broken, and the fat began to coagulate.’
    • ‘Sunlight seeped in through several globules of glass that had grown here and there across the amber dome.’
    • ‘Little globules of fat had congealed on the stew's surface, and it was quite cold.’
    • ‘Little globules of sweat glistened off his bare chest as he began to raise his hands in triumph.’
    • ‘We cleaned a sandy beach three times that week and always the tide brought more black globules of oil.’
    • ‘It is hardly surprising that astrologers should associate the planet Mercury with mental agility: the shining globules of this liquid metal form and reform so quickly, as fast as thinking.’
    • ‘He observed that under a microscope luminous blue/green globules are released by decaying food.’
    droplet, drop, dewdrop, bead, tear, ball, bubble, pearl, particle
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  • 2Astronomy
    A small dark cloud of gas and dust seen against a brighter background such as a luminous nebula.

    ‘Resembling a creature on the run with flames streaming behind it, the Spitzer image of a dark globule in the emission nebula IC 1396 is in spectacular contrast to the view seen in visible light.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the Milky Way, Spitzer viewed a dark, elongated globule known as the Elephant's Trunk nebula.’
    • ‘Organic globules found in a meteorite that slammed into the lake may be older than our sun, a new study says.’
    • ‘Most of the remaining one percent is the very component that makes Bok globules opaque - the interstellar dust.’
    • ‘This convection results in the Sun's surface not being smooth, but covered with thousands of these globules, which are called granules.’
    • ‘Were Cygnus XR - 1 a neutron star, rather than a black hole, the pulses would have been brighter as the gas globules crashed onto the dense core, but instead they simply vanished.’


Mid 17th century from French, or from Latin globulus, diminutive of globus ‘spherical object, globe’.