Meaning of glocal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡləʊkl/


  • Reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.

    ‘in the Web 2.0 era, every public institution has already been transformed into a glocal enterprise’
    • ‘The following thread gives a more thorough illustration of this glocal phenomenon.’
    • ‘The exhibition programme was very much glocal in its orientation.’
    • ‘Thus, the provisional item content can best be described as 'glocal,' i.e., respecting the melding of global and local context, and their joint influence on individual behaviour.’
    • ‘In art circles this is referred as the "glocal," meaning global plus local.’
    • ‘Space is key to a new understanding of distance, proximity, the local, what has been called the "glocal," and the global.’
    • ‘All companies in the 21st century will need to be both global and local (or "glocal") at the same time, but not to the same extent for all industries and not in the same proportion for all aspects of a given business.’
    • ‘Certainly that's the position I find myself in - believing one thing with relation to the global network of the internet and another with regards to the glocal network of the market.’
    • ‘We see ourselves as global (or glocal) Christians and not a national church.’
    • ‘Previous editions had premiered his creations - panoramic, colourful, always glocal, shining with ideals.’
    • ‘New York City is a premier location for college learning; NYU embraces our setting in the urban capital of the world to make it truly "glocal".’
    • ‘Are India's regional parties, and their leaders, up to going glocal?’
    • ‘More importantly, are we, the electorate, up to the glocal standard?’