Meaning of glochid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡləʊkɪd/


  • A barbed bristle on the areole of some cacti.

    ‘The spines grow from an areole covered with glochids, which are tiny, barbed spines characteristic of all Opuntia.’
    • ‘After you have removed the glochids you can eat the fruit fresh, or prepare it in several ways.’
    • ‘This is a highly magnified photograph of a glochid taken with a scanning electron microscope.’
    • ‘The spines and glochids are then removed either by peeling the skin, or by burning them off.’
    • ‘Because of the glochids, great care is required when harvesting or preparing prickly pear cactus.’
    • ‘Even though a prickly pear may be visibly spineless, the glochids on paddles and fruits remain just as nasty.’
    • ‘Called nopales or nopalitos, the spines and glochids are singed off over a flame or scraped off before cooking.’
    • ‘I like it that these folks know what a glochid is and, more importantly, how to remove one.’


Late 19th century from Greek glōkhis, glōkhid- ‘arrowhead’.