Meaning of gloop in English:


Pronunciation /ɡluːp/


mass noun
  • 1mainly British informal Sloppy or sticky semi-fluid matter, typically something unpleasant.

    • ‘the chicken tikka masala would arrive in a thick liquid gloop’
    • ‘the usual greasy smothering of synthetic-tasting cheesy gloop’
    • ‘Without wishing to be unkind, it was student vegetable gloop (carrot, courgette, mushroom, turnip and barley in tomato sauce) with little herby scone things on the top.’
    • ‘The Director rushes through the set pieces, drenching the sets in viscous gloop and blood as the bland supporting cast falls victim to the dual extra-terrestrial threat.’
    • ‘Boils of dark gloop, a mix of oil, water, sulphur and gas, burst up in the island's centre.’
    • ‘Consequently, the first foods to pass Oscar's lips (when they didn't stick to his face, hair and fingers) were not baby rice, rusks and gloop out of a jar.’
    • ‘I transferred all my new oil paints from the temporary cardboard box, along with brushes, palette knives, bottles of gloop and such, leaving plenty of room for other stuff as I get more ambitious.’
    • ‘They tasted bland and their dressing was an unappetising grey gloop.’
    • ‘After cutting my hair, the hair-dresser usually offers to plaster it with wax, gel or some other type of gloop.’
    • ‘According to the science journal, Nature, we humans and the obscure worm Xenoturbella sprang from the same bit of the primordial gloop that graced our planet around half a million years ago.’
    • ‘All too often we serve up great wodges of congealed gloop, which even the feeble apology ‘But it's meant to be sticky rice’ fails to excuse.’
    • ‘His paintings are three-dimensional piles of gloop.’
    • ‘Why else would I have parted with three crisp tenners for some gloop that promised only to ‘brighten’ the skin?’
    • ‘I'm now sitting here covered in gloop because the result of the cut was hair that is at least three different colours, none of them remotely pleasant.’
    • ‘In it he almost obliterates the sky in a frenzy of thick white paint and the sea in a swirling foreground of creamy, hot-chocolate gloop.’
    • ‘I felt transported back to the 1970s, when sweetcorn would be coated in this gloop as a sign of sophistication.’
    • ‘And when we got to Mauritius, there had been a storm and the sea at St Géran was this thick gloop.’
    • ‘The purée of carrots and celery was an almost unpalatable watery gloop, which ended up pushed to the side of the table.’
    • ‘Family comedies, by their very nature, usually come beset with some sort of unsubtle message, a fair amount of gloop, and one or two precocious kids.’
    • ‘The pea purée was a congealed, dry mound of inedible gloop.’
    • ‘There are also jugs of differently coloured gloop.’
    • ‘Any tartness and capers seemed to have abandoned this dish for a more elegant life, leaving a creamy, flavourless gloop on the plate.’
    mud, muck, mire, ooze, silt, alluvium, dirt, slime, slush, slurry
    1. 1.1Mawkish sentiment.
      ‘in a film, serious illness has long been a source of gloop and mawkishness’
      • ‘maybe people just wanted romantic gloop’


Late 19th century (used to represent a gulping noise as characteristically made by the rippling of a liquid or semi-liquid substance): imitative.