Meaning of gloriole in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡlɔːrɪəʊl/


  • A halo or aureole.

    ‘The hand of history that occasionally grips the Prime Minister's shoulder disturbs a countenance effusive with passion, belief and vision, and knocks askance a golden gloriole of goodness.’
    • ‘He is, as he so loves to be, correct - but not in any sense which would make his golden gloriole radiate with greater magnificence.’
    • ‘In June 1963 he hit twenty at the top of his gloriole, and with a river of money billowing in, allowing him to buy a spread outside Paris.’
    • ‘In fact, isn't the irony of this that the cult of life is elevating its gloriole in a society whose cultural output makes a fetish of death?’


Mid 19th century French, from Latin gloriola, diminutive of gloria ‘glory’.