Meaning of gloss over in English:

gloss over

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phrasal verb

  • gloss something over, gloss over somethingTry to conceal or disguise something unfavourable by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly.

    ‘the social costs of this growth are glossed over’
    • ‘he glosses over how hard it is to evacuate densely populated areas’
    • ‘All of these fertile sources rear their heads in this film, and all are briefly glossed over or flat out ignored.’
    • ‘But though Einhard declared he would record nothing through hearsay, he also glossed over facts unfavourable to his hero.’
    • ‘I briefly glossed over it in standard grade maths, but only just.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is not surprising that the article misleads, and glosses over some important points about the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation.’
    • ‘They accused the Party of concealing the facts, fabricating evidence and glossing over the matter to evade responsibility.’
    • ‘Rather, they were glossed over and covered up, much as one might conceal a defect in the wall with wallpaper.’
    • ‘Should we gloss over them as proof of the power of suggestion to treat psychosomatic illness?’
    • ‘Supporting this is anecdotal evidence that this is a responsible decision while glossing over the very real possibility of harm and danger to the student.’
    • ‘What critics here and abroad are glossing over, however, is that as a political marketing device, his address was absolutely brilliant.’
    • ‘The arrangements of classical pieces (which they did themselves) highlight their brilliant playing and technique, rather than glossing over it.’
    • ‘Without glossing over this important section, the production passes through these scenes quickly and finishes in style with the family walking up the steps to freedom beyond the mountains.’
    • ‘I'm very deliberately glossing over the surface so I can function.’
    • ‘Yet I wonder about the implications of looking away, of glossing over uncomfortable situations.’
    • ‘The staff spent their time glossing over such problems in paperwork.’
    • ‘When speakers weren't busy glossing over his faults they were just misinterpreting history.’
    • ‘It's a tactful way of glossing over really important things.’
    • ‘The only way we can reattain innocence is by glossing over our pasts, forgetting, and we're not always so good at that.’
    • ‘The expectation is that we ought to praise the university for its successes, while glossing over its failures.’
    • ‘And by glossing over this fact the credibility of the survey gets severely dented.’
    • ‘This strikes me as not exactly a cop out, but rather a glossing over what, to me, is so simple.’
    conceal, cover up, hide, camouflage, disguise, mask, veil, draw a veil over, whitewash