Meaning of glossator in English:


Pronunciation /ɡlɒˈseɪtə/


mainly historical
  • A person who writes glosses, especially a scholarly commentator on the texts of classical, civil, or canon law.

    ‘The only sort of training I had as any kind of exegete or glossator was being taught for A-level how to read Shakespeare, Milton and Dickens.’
    • ‘Nicander is a gifted Homeric glossator, but he is neither zoologist nor toxicologist.’
    • ‘The examination of the glosses in this codex reveals that the student glossators of this work engaged in a dialectical relationship about how to approach this medieval textbook.’
    • ‘Could we expect a replay of the achievements of the glossators and postglossators discussed earlier in this report?’
    • ‘The author comes to the conclusion that glossators, using scholastic methodology, elaborated their own doctrine of contracts and pacts.’
    interpreter, transcriber, transliterator, paraphraser, decipherer


Late Middle English from medieval Latin, from glossare, from Latin glossa (see gloss).