Meaning of glossy magazine in English:

glossy magazine


  • A magazine printed on glossy paper, containing many colour photographs and typically devoted to fashion, beauty, celebrities, etc.

    ‘they had sold their wedding photos to one of the glossy magazines’
    • ‘A friend of mine was once sent off by a leading glossy magazine to interview a supermodel.’
    • ‘The first issue of the 100 - page glossy magazine will be published next month.’
    • ‘Both newspapers are clearly chasing an advertising market that would previously have gone to top-end glossy magazines.’
    • ‘No one collects tin cans or plastic and you cannot put cardboard, glossy mags or directories in the recycle boxes.’
    • ‘I trained as a software engineer before moving to graphic design, before either I used to airbrush pictures of girls for glossy magazines.’
    • ‘I was shocked by the extent to which glossy magazine writers have given up their right to free speech in return for access to celebrities.’
    • ‘I spent a number of years photographing for the social pages of the glossy magazines.’
    • ‘Since taking over at the newspaper, he has been trying a series of stunts, including giving away copies of Hello, the celebrity-gazing glossy mag.’
    • ‘She looked as if she had stepped from the fashion pages of a glossy magazine.’