Meaning of glottochronological in English:



See glottochronology

‘These findings, and others which will in time be developed, will affect the method of glottochronological inquiry.’
  • ‘This was predicted by Jane decades ago based on her glottochronological work with Tepiman and the larger Uto-Aztecan language family.’
  • ‘As part of our study of Proto Indo European origins we have made glottochronological estimates of the separation of each European language group, Slavic, Celtic, Romance, etc., from each other.’
  • ‘Figure 1 presents a schematic version of present geographical distribution of the Nubian languages with the glottochronological dates inserted.’
  • ‘Glottochronological studies of the Oaxacan Indian groups indicate that the first diversification of this group of languages had begun by 4400 B.C.’