Meaning of Gloucester Old Spot in English:

Gloucester Old Spot



  • A pig of a white breed with black spots, now rarely kept commercially.

    ‘The farmer, who has been breeding pigs for eight years, won the prize for best traditional breed with a Gloucester Old Spot.’
    • ‘The Gloucester Old Spot boar was bought for a record breed price of £4,200 at an auction in Derby.’
    • ‘Two of the Home Farm pigs, a Tamworth, and a Gloucester Old Spot, won second places when they were shown at the Cheshire Show.’
    • ‘One man said that if he took a Gloucester Old Spot pig to market, he would be lucky to get £65.’
    • ‘He then toured the farm observing traditional skills such as wool carding, gardening, plus he saw a Gloucester Old Spot sow and her litter of seven piglets.’