Meaning of glove puppet in English:

glove puppet


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  • A cloth puppet fitted on the hand and worked by the fingers.

    ‘It is funny how the chambers fit your fingers like a glove puppet.’
    • ‘He dons his legendary glove puppet and offers a sweet performance of ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone on the front row.’
    • ‘A glove puppet used by the actor played the role of a ‘journalist’ who is in search of a hot and spicy story for the coming day's paper.’
    • ‘To get the message across, they use a glove puppet to help illustrate scenarios.’
    • ‘The cheeky glove puppet fox hosts a variety and sketch show format - a procession of comic stooges play straight man and second fiddle to his antics.’
    • ‘Following him will be a glove puppet performance by the highly-regarded Hsiao Hsi-yuan troupe.’
    • ‘I chose not to join in the pro-hunt march, but I did enjoy seeing the local TV news reporter doing a piece to camera with a cuddly fox glove puppet on his hand.’
    • ‘String puppets Muffin the Mule, Andy Pandy and Pinky and Perky and glove puppet Sooty were among early TV's biggest stars.’
    • ‘Schofield had his own comic sidekick, squeaky glove puppet Gordon the Gopher.’
    • ‘The kids' handwork is in the form of finger and glove puppets.’
    • ‘The kit consists of dolls, glove puppets and models, including a garage, designed to encourage interaction.’
    • ‘So boomerangs, glove puppets, masks, water pistols and the like will continue to find a market.’
    • ‘All the activities had a ghostly theme and they even made ghostly glove puppets.’
    • ‘Now, the Clangers were a set of knitted woollen glove puppets from a Sunday afternoon TV programme, screened if my memory serves after Liberace and before I Love Lucy.’
    • ‘But, good as his word, he had picked up everything on the list, plus a little extra - two comical glove puppets to entertain the kids.’
    • ‘Out came the appropriate glove puppets afterwards, followed by much ‘cooking’ activity in the kitchen.’
    • ‘While Andy, Bill and Ben were controlled from above on strings, Rag, Tag and Bobtail were glove puppets manipulated from below.’
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