Meaning of gloved in English:


Pronunciation /ɡlʌvd/

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  • Wearing a glove.

    ‘her gloved hand shakes mine’
    • ‘Fiona rolled her eyes, hiding a cough behind a gloved hand.’
    • ‘He set to work on the lock, his gloved hands losing none of their skill.’
    • ‘Mae wrapped her gloved hand around the rusty handle.’
    • ‘Holding a gas torch in his gloved hand, he burns some excess solder off the machine's scrubber.’
    • ‘Instinctively the kid jumps to his feet, water dripping from his face, and puts up his gloved fists.’
    • ‘The brightly colored fish that had been nibbling at the tips of her gloved fingers darted away.’
    • ‘There is a slight nod, a ghostly intangible feeling of her gloved palm against my cheek, and a sensation of motherly warmth.’
    • ‘The true decision-makers sat in leather chairs having coffee and melon served by white gloved butlers.’
    • ‘The boy appeared groggy as he was tended by a doctor in green scrubs and a veiled, gloved and masked nurse.’
    • ‘Confessing her dire situation to a friend at a tea salon, Susan remains gloved and hatted, barely moving even the muscles in her face.’