Meaning of glowy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡləʊi/

adjectiveadjective glowier, adjective glowiest

  • 1 informal Giving off a steady light.

    • ‘soft, glowy bulbs’
    • ‘A high window space above us was fashioned from frosted material emanating some sort of glowy white light.’
    • ‘I looked over at Mom, who was smiling and happy in the glowy light of the lanterns.’
    • ‘As we all know, comets/meteors do leave a glowy trail behind.’
    • ‘Knowing that I'm always happy to get something new and glowy, my wife brought home a cheap "floating pool light" that she found on sale for roughly $10.’
    • ‘I love the glowy moon and the reflection it makes on the water.’
    bright, shining, radiant, glimmering, flickering, twinkling, incandescent, candescent, luminous, luminescent, phosphorescent
    1. 1.1(of a person's skin) appearing healthy and youthful.
      ‘my signature look is natural, glowy skin’
      • ‘Both these products add a soft, glowy touch to your cheeks, eyes, lips anywhere!’
      • ‘Her skin looks luminous and glowy.’
      • ‘I'm all about getting radiant, glowy cheeks so am obsessed with mineral makeup and products with illuminating properties in them.’
      • ‘Sydney's beauty editor set are possibly the most photographed girls in town: all glowy, gorgeous, smiley, fashionable and familiar with the photographers, they are perfect 'pages' fodder.’
      • ‘I'd argue that Australian women, in particular, aspire to look more like healthy, glowy girls than some emaciated model.’
      • ‘I noticed my complexion was pink and glowy.’
      • ‘The October cover girl is looking all glowy and pouty among a sea of pink headlines.’
      • ‘Be prepared to receive tons of compliments on your glowy skin.’
      • ‘The secret to glowy skin isn't just all about strategically placed highlighter.’
      • ‘She's launched her own botanical-based line, which is said to give glowy skin and is hailed as a luxury beauty brand for the masses.’
    2. 1.2Feeling deep pleasure or pride.
      ‘he made her feel warm and glowy inside’
      • ‘Independent bookshop: those two words by themselves are enough to give you a warm glowy feeling.’
      • ‘People walk away feeling glowy, sated, and privileged.’
      • ‘I remember seeing the film on a date with a girl; it's kinda lame, but gives you that warm glowy "ah, university is fine!" feeling.’
      • ‘I had a similar glowy feeling listening to his inaugural speech and I found it profoundly disturbing.’
      • ‘I am feeling all glowy about upping my fruit and vegetable intake.’
      • ‘Cutting into my glowy state, I overheard the man on the next table exhort his dinner companion to "Keep your New Year's resolution, my dear".’
      • ‘When I give money to individuals begging in the street, I'd say I'm motivated by a mixture of guilt pangs and the desire to counter those pangs in an easy, quick-fix manner which makes me feel like a warm, glowy Good Person.’
      • ‘I think all ten of us who went on the course left feeling glowy.’
      • ‘The problem is that this glowy, go-down-easy film ends up betraying the very spirit of the Man in Black—the outlaw soul who never walked any line but his own.’
      • ‘What really makes me feel warm and glowy is how strong her group of friends are.’
      • ‘I had one of those moments today, when I feel so warm and glowy and special.’