Meaning of glucan in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡluːkan/


  • A polysaccharide consisting of glucose units.

    ‘Polysaccharides A, B, and C have been identified as glucans, and polysaccharide D as a heteropolysaccharide.’
    • ‘Polysaccharides contain beta glucans, which stimulate your immune system.’
    • ‘Dextran, a glucan, hardly showed an interaction with the lipid monolayer, indicating that it is not an intrinsic property of polysaccharides in general.’
    • ‘Polysaccharide hydrocolloids including mucilages, gums and glucans are abundant in nature and are commonly found in many higher plants.’
    • ‘Cell walls of Fusarium are made up, in part, of compounds called chitin and glucan, which the enzymes break down.’


1940s from glucose+ -an.