Meaning of glue-sniffing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡluːsnɪfɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The practice of inhaling intoxicating fumes from the solvents in adhesives.

    ‘Toluene exposure originates from many sources, including drinking water, food, air, and consumer products, as well as through inhaling the chemical in the workplace or during deliberate glue-sniffing or solvent abuse.’
    • ‘Drug abuse and glue-sniffing are serious problems among this group of young people.’
    • ‘Usage of other drugs was low: Four per cent said they had tried ecstasy; three per cent had tried crack cocaine or glue-sniffing; two per cent, crystal meth; one per cent, heroin.’
    • ‘Drug addiction and glue-sniffing are widespread among them, and they control the drug traffic from Iran.’
    • ‘In that case D, a glue-sniffing addict, was taunted about his glue-sniffing by the victim, whom D subsequently stabbed.’
    • ‘Characteristics due to self-induced abuse, such as alcohol, drugs or glue-sniffing, cannot be relevant.’
    • ‘There was one episode of glue-sniffing and another of a harder substance after we went on manoeuvres with the Americans, who had access to a lot of drugs.’
    • ‘When Jones created Grand Theft Auto in 1997 it immediately generated a moral panic reminiscent of that about joy-riding, video nasties, glue-sniffing and punk rock.’
    • ‘Its mother, who left Manitoba's Berens River Reserve at 17 to take up prostitution and glue-sniffing on the streets of Winnipeg, had produced three other children.’
    • ‘We get a lot of glue-sniffing, we get a lot of prostitution, we get a lot of crime, we get of lot of very, very sad stories in what we call the locations, the ghettos.’
    • ‘Strict rules are also imposed at the shelters: no glue-sniffing, no dagga-smoking, no begging, and no parking cars.’
    • ‘Prostitution is easy, glue-sniffing the norm, family means nothing, fellow teens are vicious, and foreigners are exploitative.’
    • ‘You may be lucky and good looking, but boy are y'all stupider than a lobotomised rock with learning difficulties and a penchant for glue-sniffing.’
    • ‘A more difficult issue is the effect of Diane's glue-sniffing.’