Meaning of glunch in English:


Pronunciation /ɡlʌn(t)ʃ/


[no object]Scottish
  • Look bad-tempered or depressed.

    ‘After all, does any great man glunch and gloom?’
    • ‘This failed to satisfy Crump, who glunched and gloomed and spat out some hot oaths.’
    • ‘His father would glunch and glare at every mouthful he saw his son eat.’
    • ‘I liked to come here instead of biding in Fordoun, with the old man glunching at me and my bairn.’
    • ‘He saw me twice a day, and glowered and glunched at me, like an old-fashioned minister.’
    glower, frown, glare, lour, look daggers at, look angrily at, give someone a black look


Early 18th century of unknown origin.