Meaning of glycaemic in English:


Pronunciation /ɡlʌɪˈsiːmɪk/


See glycaemia

‘Minimally invasive treatment can be adopted in less severe cases with strict glycaemic control, intravenous antibiotics, and percutaneous drainage.’
  • ‘Weight loss, therefore, of at least 5-10% would be a logical goal, alongside standard glycaemic and cardiovascular targets, for many overweight people with diabetes.’
  • ‘The average dietary glycaemic load was calculated for each participant, and non-dietary factors were assessed, including smoking, amount and type of exercise, and body mass index.’
  • ‘However, glycemic response to dietary fibre containing foods is not consistently related to the viscosity suggesting this system is also much more complex than this hypothesis suggests.’
  • ‘The authors conclude that using insulin four times daily improved glycemic control and perinatal outcome in mothers with gestational or pregestational diabetes.’