Meaning of go down the drain in English:

go down the drain


  • Be totally wasted.

    • ‘the government must stop public money going down the drain’
    • ‘Public money should not go down the drain in the name of road repairs.’
    • ‘That Minister, more than any other Minister in this House, has been responsible for public money going down the drain.’
    • ‘I feel like committing suicide as month of hard labour and money have gone down the drain.’
    • ‘How much of our council tax money has gone down the drain for the new dustbins?’
    • ‘Attempting to save face after his embarrassing climbdown on a proposal he had personally championed, the Taoiseach denied time and money had gone down the drain in the pursuit of his dream.’
    • ‘‘This sort of work does not come cheap, so I will be finding out precisely how much money has effectively gone down the drain,’ he added.’
    • ‘That is one hundred and fifty dollars of my money gone down the drain.’
    • ‘Irrespective of whose money has gone down the drain, bus shelters are needed along the new routes.’
    • ‘‘We are paying money and it's going down the drain for things we don't need - like empty buildings,’ said a Pentagon spokesman.’
    • ‘‘This long project had engineers on the site every day and look at what happened… This is taxpayers' money going down the drain,’ he said.’
    • ‘No matter how hard you have worked and saved during your life you will have to watch helplessly as all your money goes down the drain if you need to spend any length of time in a nursing home.’
    • ‘The stunned wife laments that the money she earned working under the scorching sun has gone down the drain.’
    • ‘Tottenham's 100 per cent home record went down the drain when they could not beat Manchester City.’
    • ‘Their sound was drowned in the recording and orchestration by their producer, so that rock-and-roll beat went down the drain.’
    • ‘The career just went down the drain after what was one of my great films.’
    • ‘After the closure the economy of the town went down the drain.’
    • ‘All our planning and dreams went down the drain in two minutes flat.’
    • ‘Well when he left, any thoughts I had of speaking to her just went down the drain.’
    • ‘Right now I feel like my whole life has gone down the drain.’
    • ‘As far as I am concerned €15.5m is gone down the drain and we have no choice now but to follow the money trail,’ he said.’