Meaning of go pear-shaped in English:

go pear-shaped


informal British
  • Go wrong.

    ‘everything went pear-shaped’
    • ‘The home player should have won the opening game but as so often happens to their team this season, everything went pear-shaped at the end.’
    • ‘This required some input from me and everything started to go pear-shaped.’
    • ‘After 25 minutes, all went pear-shaped and he decided to call it off.’
    • ‘All our lives went off at a tangent for a while - it all went pear-shaped.’
    • ‘And then the tennis started and it all went pear-shaped.’
    • ‘By the time it all went pear-shaped in 1991, I was long gone.’
    • ‘It all went pear-shaped when she developed a £100,000 cocaine habit and was eased out by the writers.’
    • ‘Presumably this was an undercover operation that went pear-shaped.’
    • ‘The responsibility of course would also be all mine if it went pear-shaped.’
    • ‘It could have gone pear-shaped when we went a goal down but they stuck with us all the way.’
    fail, meet with failure, meet with disaster, miscarry, go wrong, go awry, fall through, fall flat, be frustrated, break down, collapse, founder, fold, come to nothing, come to naught