Meaning of go phut in English:

go phut


  • Fail to work properly or at all.

    • ‘when the boom went phut, traders were left with sky-high rents and no customers’
    • ‘The engineer relayed this to his colleague as ‘It went phut!’’
    • ‘But the album never got to the stores last spring because 13 Amp went phut.’
    • ‘Each day I would hit the record button, capturing what was fast turning into a comic drama - like when the radios went phut before California, forcing us to land at a small town called Blythe.’
    • ‘Not that they aren't used to the travails of erratic power supply and the lines going phut whenever it starts raining.’
    fail, meet with failure, meet with disaster, miscarry, go wrong, go awry, fall through, fall flat, be frustrated, break down, collapse, founder, fold, come to nothing, come to naught