Meaning of go pink in English:

go pink


  • Blush.

    ‘I felt myself go pink’
    • ‘Well I was all ready to tell my story, when I saw him, a new face in that common crowd, he was a really cute guy and as I saw him, I blushed my cheeks turning pink, and I knew he was the one.’
    • ‘The immense, treelike Trina Mack stood up next, her tan face gorgeous as it turned pink with a blush.’
    • ‘Then Sara watched him watch her, her cheeks flushing and his ears turning pink.’
    • ‘She bit her lip to stop the amused smile from spreading when he blushed at her playfulness, answering as his cheeks went pink.’
    • ‘She blushed a bit, her pale skin turning pink around her cheeks.’
    • ‘He missed a race and went pink with embarrassment then red with anger after being escorted off Knavesmire by burly security guards following an alleged hand-bag snatch.’
    • ‘I greeted him cheerily and his face turned pink, which, I remember, didn't go well at all with the green and blue.’
    • ‘Katherine's face turned pink, causing her green eyes to glow.’
    • ‘The girl went pink in the face when Rae talked back.’
    • ‘Gabrielle's pale face went pink but she quickly looked away.’